Mindfulness in Motion

Kenneth S. Cohen beautifully describes QiGong as a holistic system of self-healing exercise and meditation, an ancient, evolving practice that includes healing posture, movement, self-massage, breathing techniques and meditation. Through these methods, qi is accumulated and stored in the body, like filling a reservoir.

Qigong  means working with life energy, learning how to control the flow and distribution of qto improve the health and harmony of mind and body.

Anyone can practise qigong. There are techniques suitable for every age and physical condition. Qigong can teach us to deal intelligently with stress, to keep the body relaxed and supple and the internal energy strong and healthy.

(Taken from ‘The Way of Qigong by Kenneth S. Cohen)

I offer one to one and group qigong classes with a free half-hour consultation before committing to a programme or class.