Focusing is a way of being with ourselves, just as we are, which prioritises bodily experience over understanding (although understanding may arise through the process).

To do this we usually slow things down and come back to our senses, our feeling bodies and notice what’s going on when we pause the trance of doing and thinking. In some ways it sounds similar to mindfulness, except that mostly focusing is done in pairs, with one person listening while the other focuses.

Some people take to focusing like ducks to water and it awakens a way of being that is open, curious and accepting of whatever arises when we slow down and pay attention to what is going on for us. For some it can seem to ungraspable to “get it” and so it can be learnt as a life-skill, a process whereby, with gentle guideposts each one of us can learn how to be with the everything that makes itself known when we pay a visit to ourselves. It can be like opening a treasure chest; maybe having some idea of what’s going to be inside but when you leave the chest door open and wait with kindness and curiosity and see what’s really there and engage with it, all kinds of things can appear, revealing the richness within each of us when we allow ourselves to emerge just as we are.

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